Dry Lentil Soup Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms

Another idea to avoid extra carbs out of your diet, replace bread with something exotic..

Plated Stuffed Mushrooms with dry lentil soup
Plated Stuffed Mushrooms with dry lentil soup with Green Squash and Mint Yogurt

For this one I am trying to present cooking hints with pictures.

Dice a red onion
Finely Chopped Indian Chilles
Sliced Garlic
Slice if half lime or lemon for Garnish
All of them together…
Saute Onion , Garlic and Dice Bell Peppers in Mustard oil with Yellow Mustard seeds.
Hollow Baby Portobello Mushrooms marinate in oil and balsamic vinegar for 10 mins
Bake Mushrooms in oven for 10-12 mins.
Mushrooms will release moisture and oils. Don’t throw it away!
Mushroom water has lot of flavor.
Add some diced Onions , Ginger, Bell Pepper , Mint and Green Mango to the Boiled lentils and mix in Mushroom Water.
Stuff Mushrooms with the Lentil mixture add dash of lime or vinegar on top.
Plate them with Yogurt mixed with cooked Green Squash and Mint.
To make yogurt grate green Squash boil it with minimal water and salt , let it cool down, mix with fresh mint and refrigerate till ready to serve.

At the same time I made infusion of Ginger, Fresh LemonGrass, Fresh Turmeric and Cinnamon with Lime..

Herbal Infusion

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