About Ankur’s and his culinary style

Ankur, an engineer, entrepreneur, and technologist, resides in New York, USA with his wife and two sons.

While planning on a mean Ankur’s thoughts span countries, cultures and generations, and are motivated by undertones of nostalgia and close experiences. He works hard to make every meal he cooks a joyful experience, spending hours, days, months, and even years learning about ingredients and their cultural significance.

Due to the simplicity of its ingredients and complexity of its preparation, Ankur finds Kashmiri cuisine to be particularly interesting. Ankur continues to explore historical food processing in an effort to restore lost methods utilizing contemporary kitchen appliances since he feels that food is both medicine and art.

www,Iurvida.com was founded by his wife Neha Kachroo to assist parents in giving their children food guilt-free, nutritious and nostalgic food.

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